50.000 products, 35.000 m2 and 8 branches
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The international hose and coupling specialist!

Our mission: “build a flexible connection by expertise, innovation and passion”.

How we realize that?

  •  With solid advice (high level of knowledge and a lot of experience)
  •  A wide and deep stock range (pickup counters through the whole country)
  • Through fast and efficient delivery (flexible attitude and no nonsense mentality, 24/7)
  • By supplying high quality products and services at a competitive price (well-equipped workshops, own sourcing, in-house welding and testing)
About Mees van den Brink
A specialized Industrial partner
  • Our ambition is to deliver within 24 hours     
  • Available 24/7 (we have a special phone number in case of emergency)      
  • Product specialists for every industry
  • 50.000 products in stock
  • 35.000 M2 warehouse



In-house testing and assembling departments

We develop the most efficient products:

Not only do we sell high quality products, we are also happy to give you advice! An innovative production process deserves the right connection.

Together we strive for innovation and excellence.

Quality and Environment

From assembly to test certificate:

The most modern assembly and testing facilities can be found at Mees van den Brink. All assembled parts are tested against strict quality requirements.

The finished assembly can be tested and certified up to 4.200 bar if required. The assemblies are designed for direct integration with your machine or device.

assembly department

Weld-done is what we want to hear:

We are specialized in TIG welding. TIG welding is a sectional and clean welding process and suitable for projects where high accuracy is required.

Our experienced professionals are capable of transforming each request into a perfect assembly, ready to integrate with your machine or device.

our welding department

Delivery time
Not in stock? Delivery usually within 7 days. we do everything possible to deliver within this period. If due to circumstances it is not possible, we will contact you for any follow-up.