It was in the mid-1970s that an entrepreneur from Haaksbergen was seen driving through the Netherlands in his Deux Chevaux, with hoses sticking out of the roof. 

From his shed, Mees van den Brink started his own company, which now, some 45 years later, can call itself a world player in the field of hoses, couplings and accessories.



An entrepreneur with passion, commercial spirit and a down-to-earth Twente attitude, who knows how to convey his vision to his employees and customers with enthusiasm. 

In addition to Haaksbergen, Mees is keen to broaden his horizons and opens a branch in Veenendaal in 1994. 



In 1976, the Netherlands experienced a long hot summer. The need to water the land is great in such a dry period. The demand for hoses is enormous. Mees van den Brink works day and night to deliver all orders on time and has a peak year. The move to the new Brammelo industrial estate is a fact. 

Several buildings/halls on the Tolstraat are purchased as the stock and range of products continue to expand. 



Expansion Mees van den Brink Veenendaal 

The Veenendaal branch is a fact. In 1991 we started with 600 m2 of warehouse space. Now, there is 1,500 m2 warehouse available. Drachten follows shortly after and the maritime activities are improved and strengthened by the takeover of DG Rubber Nijkerk. 



Expansion in square metres

On 1 March 1996, Mees van den Brink moves to Tolstraat in Haaksbergen. There are now seven warehouses at this location, with a total surface area of 17,000 m2. The building activities and expansion of storage capacity symbolises the growth of Mees van den Brink. Today, 50,000 different products can be delivered directly from stock.



Expansion into the north of the Netherlands

In order to also offer the North a fast service and to be close to the customer, Mees van den Brink opens its doors in Drachten on 1 January 2000. The customers in Drachten are very diverse; from yacht building to the food industry. We keep a large stock and therefore hardly ever sell ‘no’. We have about 800 m2 of space on the shelves.  Weekly, we receive many customers at the counter, and while enjoying a cup of coffee, it is often possible to wait for the order.



Growth through takeover

In 2008, Mees van den Brink took over DG Rubber Holland BV. The company strengthens its position as a supplier of hoses and fittings to the shipping industry.

DG Rubber is specialised in PVC and Rubber Products. We also specialise in cables, hoses and accessories. We are the wholesaler for the water sports and maritime sector and have extensive knowledge in this area. Our engineers will gladly think along with you for a custom made solution.



Across the border to Germany

After the expansion in the Netherlands, Germany followed.

In 2010 Brinkoflex GmbH is opened in Marl. In our large warehouse we have about 50,000 different products. This large stock is a deliberate decision so that we can help you as quickly as possible, because machines standing still cost money. Your money! With fast delivery and optimal service, we reduce this downtime to a minimum.

The second company in Germany will be opened in 2013 in one of the largest seaports in Europe, Hamburg. 



In 2015, Mees van den Brink acquires Cohose in Roermond

Cohose is also a specialist in the field of industrial couplings and hoses. Through direct contacts with factories all over the world, we are always able to supply the right hose, of the right quality, including the corresponding couplings, fully assembled.


New location in Ridderkerk

To further optimise its geographical coverage in the Netherlands, Mees van de Brink will open a new branch in Ridderkerk in 2015.



Expansion into Belgium

In 2017, we crossed the border into Belgium. In Stabroek, a stone’s throw from the Antwerp port area, is our beautiful 1,500 m2 premises and another 750 m2 of storage space on the first floor. With the expansion of our branch in Belgium, we are also able to serve French-speaking customers. 



Family business with ambition

Mees van den Brink is a real family business with great ambitions for the future. The experience of several generations counts. No knowledge is lost. In 2020, we celebrate our 45th anniversary.

We will be looking back at some great memories, but above all, we will be looking ahead and planning for the future. In which we strive for unique customer experiences, sustainable growth and innovation. 

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