Welding and assembly departments


A sophisticated and advanced welding department

From design to development, Mees’ takes care of it.

Mees van den Brink has an advanced welding department which enables us to take care of the complete construction of various projects in-house, always in consultation with our engineers. Our welders are highly skilled and specialised in TIG welding, which ensures an excellent quality of the welded connection.


From design to development of assemblies

Welders are in daily contact with our engineers, so that we can offer the most efficient customer solutions. In addition, our welding products are tested to ensure that our projects meet the safety criteria and we can guarantee the best quality. For our welders, no project is too over-welding?. If you also have a drawing you would like to have produced, please contact one of our specialists now.

We strive for the highest efficiency

At Mees van den Brink we attach great value to an organised working environment. We start the day with a day start. During the day start they look back on the previous days and implement continuous improvements, thus increasing efficiency in the department.

Using the X-matrix, long-term goals are set, which helps realise improvement initiatives. Thanks to this continuous process, we can guarantee quality and carry out the most complex projects. In short: together we work on an innovative and progressive welding department in order to deliver the highest result to our customers.

Delivery time
Not in stock? Delivery usually within 7 days. we do everything possible to deliver within this period. If due to circumstances it is not possible, we will contact you for any follow-up.