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The Bauer coupling system always comprises a male and a female part, the two parts can be coupled using a set of levers. The lever handles or levers are mounted on the male side (ball), and the sealing ring sits on the female side (socket). We carry stocks of both Bauer quick-action couplings and quick-action tube couplings as well as lever sets and seals. For coupling at a maximum angle of 15°.  Bauer couplings are available, inter alia, with a hosetail for use with hose clamps or safety clamps, flange or female thread, usually as a galvanised version but also available in black steel, stainless steel, and welding versions. Flanged elbows, T-pieces, adapters and reversing pieces are all available from stock. A major advantage of Bauer quick-action couplings is that they are interchangeable with Belok couplings.