EN 13765:2015 TYPE 3
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Due to the complex composition/application, all COMPOTEC® products are only available from our inside and outside sales, for questions please always contact one of our branches.

COMPOTEC® OIL is a multi-layer thermoplastic hose manufactured from Polypropylene, Polyethylene and Polyester films and Polypropylene fabrics, with a weatherproof and abrasion resistant outer cover made of Polyvinyl coated Polyester fabric. Outer cover is also available in ELASTOTHANE®, a special PU coated fabric; its UV, Ozone, Sunlight and weathering resistance, offers superior temperature and abrasion characteristics. All the different layers are wrapped together and tensioned between internal and external wire spirals. This enables our product to meet the requirement of the Petrol-chemical industry and those of the Oil & Gas  industry. COMPOTEC® OIL assemblies are fitted with an extensive range of couplings readily available, externally swaged with crimping ferrules.  COMPOTEC® OIL assemblies are tested at 1 1/2 times rated working pressures for safety and reliability, in accordance with EN ISO 1402. The securing ferrule, at one end of the hose, is permanently marked by engraving, with manufacturer’s name, nominal bore, the hose assembly serial number and the test date. The marking of hose assemblies is made in compliance with PED Directive (97/23/ CE). Full test certification can be supplied on request.   COMPOTEC® OIL hoses can be supplied in the FIRETEC version with ADR selfestinguish CL1 cover and additional fireproof layers. Burst pressure indicated, is at ambient temperature when tested in accordance with EN ISO 1402. Electrical continuity is achieved by the two wires bonded to the end fittings, this helps dissipate accumulated charge and to avoid static flash. Upon request it’s possibile to manufacture COMPOTEC®   hoses in accordance to the Directive 94/9/ EC “ATEX”, with a special outer antistatic black cover, ground connection cable, for explosive environment.    COMPOTEC® OIL 800 HD and OIL SD hoses are specially engineered for the transfer of hydrocarbons, including oil, petrol, diesel, lubricating oils, MTBE, paraffin and 100% aromatics, in all kinds of transfer. The range includes

Applications: Heavy Duty construction for the transfer of a wide variety of hydrocarbon conveyant under suction or pressure. Used for black oils and heavier lubricating products, Ship to Shore and Ship to Ship, Dockside and in general for the most ardous Industrial and Marine applications. Commonly used for all hose loading arms in Bottom Loading operations, thanks to the special reinforcement for minimal elongation. Fully suitable for 100% aromatics & MTBE transfer.

Construction: High strength polypropylene and polyester films and fabrics, high density polyethylene films reinforcement, includes in the construction an High Density UHMW PLT seamless tubular extruded film, to avoid any possible leak and guarantee a gas-tight construction, Polyvinyl coated polyester fabric cover, (or ELASTOTHANE® upon request) weather and ozone resistant. Available in 40 mt coils from 3/4” to 8” and 25 mt length up to 12” COMPOTEC® OIL 800 HD hose assemblies are certified by D N V as complying the requirements of CE Directive 97/23 “PED” and are manufactured in accordance with  the requirements of  Paragraphs 2:12 and 5:7 of the IMO Chemical Carrier Code. COMPOTEC® OIL 800 HD hoses are Type approved by Lloyd’s with Certificate n° 13/0002.

Other colours and designs are available on request, for questions please always contact one of our branches.

Colour tube Yellow
Colour cover Blue
Number of spirals 2
Material spirals SS
Material of reinforcements Multilayer
Temperature range -40 up to +100 °C
Industry Chemical and petrochemicals, Marine and Offshore, Transport
Norm EN 13765:2015 TYPE 3
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  • From stock next day delivery possible.
  • For each industry, product specialists
  • Besides standard lengths also custom lengths
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