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Mees van den Brink Haaksbergen BV

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7482 DB Haaksbergen

Mees van den Brink would like to inform you how we deal with your personal data.

In order to process your order, we will need to collect your name, address and contact details ensuring that the maximum level of service can be achieved. We’ll hold your data as long as needfull for doing business with you. ¬†Concerning the newsletter you might receive ; you can always describe you from this service.

We do not collect sensitive information about you. While accessing our website following a search on the Internet, your visitdata will be worked on by Google Analytics for analysing and improving the function of our website.

The details we do hold are only for Mees van den Brink-purposes; We do not provide them to any other Third Party, if only needed by law or obligatory.

You can always request a report at on the details we hold on you, at any time but within 4 weeks we will e-mail them to you, as requested. If the details are incomplete or need amending, please advise us and we will amend them. Mees van den Brink is very conscious of the need to protect your privacy.

The way we deal with your personal data could change in the future.  Hereunder you can see the most update version.
Date : June 5 2018