Wear-resistant hoses for building and construction.

Mees van den Brink has a wealth of experience of large projects, both in new construction and renovation. We supply mainly wear-resistant concrete and cement hoses to the building and construction industries. Wear-resistant hoses are suitable for applications with blasting grit, cement, gravel, mortar, air, etc. A spiral prevents the hose creating a vacuum.

Frequently supplied materials are:
Polyurethane (PU): Flexible polyurethane hose are wear-resistant, light and flexible to use. They are suitable for pneumatic transport of inflammable substances and bulk material. Our hoses are designed and manufactured in accordance with ATEX 2014/34 and TRGS 727 Natural rubber (NR): NR hoses are mainly used as concrete pump hoses. They are suitable for, inter alia, delivery of in-situ concrete.

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A wide range of concrete pump hoses

We have a wide range of concrete pump hoses which have been specially designed for the delivery of, inter alia, in-situ concrete, plaster, mortar and other mixtures of water and sand. We also have specific hoses in our range suitable for wet and dry mortar. Our use of only the highest quality, wear-resistant materials means that useful life is maximised. The covers of all our hoses suitable for construction and industry are resistant to the weather, UV and ozone.


At Mees van den Brink you only buy concrete hoses that meet the highest quality requirements

Given the increasingly wide spans that have to be covered in construction and industry, concrete pump hoses have to satisfy increasingly demanding requirements. An increase in the pumping height and flow rates results in a rise in working pressures. At Mees van den Brink we have in-house certified inspectors, meaning that hose assemblies can be quickly and expertly inspected and provided with a certificate.Apart from concrete and mortar hoses, we can supply you with air hoses, water hoses, and special custom-built assemblies.


Your specialist for Concrete, Geka, Mortar, Perrot couplings and more

In our warehouse we have more than 50,000 products in stock, so we can usually ship the same day.
We have specialists and engineers specifically for building and construction, who can provide you with the most efficient solution at all times.

Concrete and sandblasting media are highly abrasive, and for this reason we have special couplings in our programme.But for applications such as water and air we also have a wide variety of couplings such as flange couplings, Perrot, Bauer, Camlock, Geka, Orion, air-claw couplings, etc. We are also to make hoses to your required length with couplings suited to the respective application.

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