Hoses, couplings and fittings for hydraulics

The right hose, coupling or pump determines the efficiency of your machines. With the hydraulic parts from Mees van den Brink you are always assured of the best result.

Hydraulic hoses are an important link within hydraulic systems. If they fail, the entire system is affected. Downtime is not an option. In short, investing in high-quality hose material can have a positive impact on efficiency. Mees van den Brink finds it important to be able to guarantee this and therefore only has A-brands in its range.

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The most efficient hydraulic connections

With a large choice of hydraulic hoses, couplings and assemblies, Mees van den Brink provides the industry with the highest quality products. Customer-specific assemblies designed with precision by our engineers ensure that you are always provided with the most efficient solution. We design these assemblies in all desired diameters and lengths into a complete end product in our modern equipped workshops.

We have a specialist hydraulics department

Hydraulic products have a number of important properties:

A high power density
Hydraulics makes loads easy to reverse
Hydraulics is easy to protect against overloading
Hydraulic systems have a high wear resistance
Hydraulic systems are easy to standardize and automate

Steel and stainless steel hose couplings are inseparable components of a high-pressure hose. Both components are developed jointly and separately at Mees van den Brink and are continuously tested. The press couplings are available in both standard and interlock versions.

An international coverage ensures fast delivery and high customer focus. In addition, we can test hoses up to 4200 bar in our modern test units and the corresponding certificates are quickly and easily visible in your own dashboard.

Delivery time
Not in stock? Delivery usually within 7 days. we do everything possible to deliver within this period. If due to circumstances it is not possible, we will contact you for any follow-up.