Mees van den Brink

Order your delivery and discharge hoses at Mees van den Brink

The environmental requirements within the petrochemical industry are very strict; all the processes must be carried out safely and securely. Hoses and couplings must be 100% watertight. You do not want any spills. Since you work with hazardous substances, you do not want to take any risks. In the event that you do experience a fault or a defect, you will want to get it rectified as quickly as possible, because time is money.

Why choose Mees van den Brink?

At Mees van den Brink, you can buy high-quality oil and chemical hoses, and dry-break and break-away couplings. They all meet the highest standards, such as EN 12115, EN 14420 and STANAG. Do you require good technical advice? Then do not hesitate to ask one of our technical specialists. They know your practical situation and will be happy to advise you so that you receive the best solution to your problem. We have 50,000 different products in stock in our vast warehouse. In 99% of cases, we deliver within 24 hours. Delivery before a certain time is also possible.


Do you have a situation where a standard product cannot be used? We are able to alter hoses and couplings in our own workshop. We also provide official certification. Do not hesitate to contact one of our employees for professional advice: +31 (0)53 57 28 785