Mees van den Brink

Assembly hall and test hall

We have a large, well-equipped assembly hall and test hall. Our employees do not go home until the last order has been sent out!

Assembly of hoses and couplings
Do you want us to assemble your hoses, couplings, safety clamps and hose clamps? We will be happy to do this for you. Any length of hose is possible.

Testing hoses and couplings
If necessary, we will test your hoses and couplings for you. We have a high-pressure testing station of up to 4,000 bar specially for hydraulic and ultra-high-pressure hoses. Industrial low-pressure hoses can be tested in our water pressure test installation. The test station can test hoses of any length and produces a pressure of up to 140 bar. One of our employees is a registered high-pressure inspector. We also have two registered low-pressure vacuum inspectors amongst our staff.

Online test certificates
After the hoses have been tested and approved, we include the test certificate with the delivery. The approved hoses and couplings are given a unique number and, as a result, are always traceable. Using your personal login code, you are able to view online all the hoses that you are currently using. You can see test information, check expiry dates and download and print certificates.

Any customization work you need is in safe hands with us. We produce the order exactly as it is indicated by you in a technical drawing. The hoses are given a label, a production date and a serial number for identification purposes.

On-site testing
Do your hoses have to be periodically tested and certified and are you not able to do without them? On request, we do on-site tests, so that the safety and continuity of your company are guaranteed.