Mees van den Brink


Mees van den Brink was established on 1st April 1974. The timeline below shows some of the milestones from Mees van den Brink’s history.

1st April 1974

The beginning
Mees van den Brink started selling hoses and couplings from his shed in the garden of a terraced house in Haaksbergen. The hoses were not only kept in the shed. Even the garden was used for storage. He delivered his first orders in his 2CV.


A dry summer
In 1976, the Netherlands experienced a long, hot summer. It is very important to irrigate the land during such a dry period and, therefore, there was a great demand for hoses. Mees van den Brink worked day and night to deliver his orders on time and he had a very successful year.

Early 1980s

Pioneering and hard work
After Mees van den Brink’s urgent request to the mayor of Haaksbergen, he was allowed to purchase 1,000 m2 of land at Industriestraat 21 in Haaksbergen. The two-storey building that was built on this site was designed by Mees himself. During the first few years, the ground floor was let out to another company. Gradually, however, the company grew and Mees van den Brink soon occupied the entire building.


Expansion into the centre of the Netherlands
A branch was opened in Veenendaal. It started in 1991 with 600 m2 of warehouse space. Now, there is 1,500 m2 of warehouse space.


Expansion into the north of the Netherlands
A branch in Drachten was opened.

1996 – present day

Expansion in square metres
On 1st March 1996, Mees van den Brink moved to Tolstraat in Haaksbergen. There are now seven warehouses at this location with a total of 17,000 m2 of warehouse space. The building activities and expansion of storage space are symbolic of Mees van den Brink’s growth. Nowadays, 50,000 different products can be delivered straight from stock.


Growth through takeovers
In 2008, Mees van den Brink took over DG Rubber Holland. By doing so, the company strengthened its position as a supplier of hoses and couplings to the shipping industry.

2010 -2013

Crossing the boarder into Germany
After expansion in the Netherlands, Germany was next. In 2010, Mees van den Brink opened its first German branch in Marl. A second branch was opened in Hamburg in 2013.


An ambitious family-owned company
Mees van den Brink is a true family-owned company with big ambitions for the future. The experience of a number of generations counts. No knowledge is lost. The founder, Mees van den Brink, is still actively involved in the company. Both of his sons work in the company and his son Bob van de Brink is now responsible for the daily running.

Mees van den Brink: “I just want to be who I am and keep both feet on the ground. Making use of people’s talents and stimulating them to become even better are the best things about my work… Because a company is only as good as the people it employs.”


New branch in Rotterdam
To further optimize geographic coverage in the Netherlands, Mees van den Brink will open a new branch in Rotterdam in 2014.